December Recap

I am a blogging slacker!  Here’s a recap of the past month:

We ran the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas half marathon in December.

We wore tutus.

It was cold. There was a billion people running. My time was terrible but it was a blast!

We spent an extra day in Vegas enjoying the Christmas season.

And the giant shoes.

I had my first burger from In N’ Out ….ever

We refueled with wine.

When we returned home we kicked full gear into the holiday spirit.

Decorating for Christmas

Visiting Silver Dollar City to see the lights and ride the Christmas train.

Taking trips to see Santa.


Opening gifts

Yay for new Garmins!

Allen got one too

And, best of all, watching J-Roll enjoy Christmas

He really loves trains 🙂

I also managed to catch a pretty nasty bug over the holidays. I finally caved today and visited the doctor to get some antibiotics.  Unfortunately, it’s set me back a bit on marathon training but I’m still looking forward to crossing the finish line in my first marathon in 2012!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Eight weeks until the Little Rock Marathon!


J-Roll looks concerned…so am I!


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Vegas has been rocked

It was tough.


I most definitely didn’t meet my goal.


But we tough mother runners sure rocked the Las Vegas strip in our tutus.


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White River Half Marathon

My plans for a no-stress race went out the window about 9:30 p.m. Friday when my sister called to say she was not running. She was legitimately sick, so I don’t blame her at all . . . even though I may take back her Christmas present.

I had a slight breakdown, decided to quit the race, sucked it up and began searching for songs to make a race playlist all in about 15 seconds time.

After my panic attack I’ll be honest, I had a moment where I thought “maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe this will be my chance to PR.”

Spoiler alert: Not even close!

I headed to bed about 10:30 p.m. and my super over-prepared husband set the alarm for 3 a.m. I threatened his life if he woke me up before 3:45 a.m.

I did not sleep, at all! It’s like I forgot how to fall asleep. Anyone ever experience that problem? Apparently at some point I did drift off but went the alarm went off at 3 a.m., I got up with it. We left the house about 4:20 and picked up a few friends who were riding with us.

The race started at 7 a.m. but packet pick up was 5 to 6:15 a.m. We arrived a little before 6 a.m. and spent the next hour psyching ourselves up fighting the nerves.

There was still a vendor there at the “expo” so I bought a few Shot Blocks, which I have taken in the past and had good luck with, and a new headband/ear warmer. The weather was great for this race and I didn’t need them, but I can’t pass up a bargain.

The course in this race is a straight, flat stretch along the river, out and back. The marathon is an out and back twice. The race’s claim to fame is that it’s a great place to qualify for Boston because it is so flat. I think around 30 percent of runners qualified last year.

Last year, the start and finish were in the same spot but this year, they changed it up a bit and the start began at the school where the expo/packet pick up was held. It gave you a nice downhill to the river to start with.

Problem with this was, the start was not timed, something that they didn’t announce until about 30 seconds before the race started. Enter about 50 runners looking to qualify for Boston who start flipping out. Add to that, there was no real clear marking as to where the start line was and you have a whole lotta crazy.

The gun went off and everyone started immediately running.

The first mile was a straight down hill, which was nice but I was a little nervous about wiping out on some of the gravel that had made it onto the road so I didn’t take full advantage of perk. Also, the 5K started at the same time so there were a lot of runners and walkers to dodge.

The course leveled out eventually and the 5kers turned around toward the finish line.

The aid stations were great and well spaced at about every mile. I stopped at 2 miles for a very short walk and a drink of water.

At about 3 miles I noticed my Garmin was right on with the mile markers. It was loosing signal occasionally but seemed to be catching back up.

I felt really good and was keeping my pace around 10:30 and only taking short walks at aid stations.

I hit mile five at around 55 minutes and was feeling good about my PR chances. Not too long after that I saw my friends and husband who were coming back. From then, it seemed to take forever to get to the turn around which was close to seven miles. I hit the half-way point at about 1:10 and decided to make my goal to finish in 2:20.

I hit mile eight and felt great. The river view was beautiful.


I decided I could totally pick up my pace and finish the last five miles strong.

And, then I hit mile nine and realized I had made a mistake. I hit a wall that was made worse when I saw the mile markers and my Garmin were not lining up at all. I started struggling a bit, but was still only walking through aid stations. I hit mile 10 on my Garmin but was on down the road more than a quarter mile before I saw the mile marker.

By 12 miles, I felt defeated. I was still maintaining an ok time but I realized I was not going to PR and to be honest with you, threw in the towel a bit. My stomach was starting to cramp up and I was getting nauseous. It was the Bass Pro half-marathon all over again. Somewhere around 12.5 miles I decided I was no longer running, ever again. I am a Great sport, let me tell you.

I made myself run the last half-mile. My official finish time was 2:32:11. Today, I’m kicking myself because I think had I not been so discouraged the last mile I could have brought it in at under 2:30.

My Garmin measured 13.45 miles though, so that at least made me feel a little better.

Forgot to hit pause for a couple of minutes

More stomach pains followed the race and I couldn’t stomach food, water or standing for about 2 hours after the race. I blamed the jelly beans last time so I don’t know what it is now but I’m definitely going to try to figure it out before Vegas. Otherwise, I’m walking the 13 miles with a yard-long margarita in hand.

Sunday, instead of resting, I spent the day cooking and prepping for Thansgiving and in general, destroying the kitchen.


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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Run on!

I’ve been quiet the past week and half or so. I think it’s because I was in denial over running ANOTHER race this coming weekend! Props to all those who run back to back marathons because this stuff is not for me.

I’ve ran maybe (big maybe) 20 total miles since our last race. I justified it by declaring the first week recovery and the second week taper.

Last Saturday I did manage five miles in about 50 minutes, no Garmin pausing, so that made me happy.

But now, it’s time for another race again in the morning.

I feel totally unprepared for tomorrow. I have no set outfit, no playlist, no game plan, no goals.

No stress though; I’m just looking forward to spending fun time with my friends and family and burning enough calories for many extra servings of stuffing and chocolate pie at next week’s Thanksgiving festivities.



Happy running!

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Bass Pro Cohick Half Marathon Recap

We finished our first half marathon of the season!

Sunday’s race started very, very early.

The race was about two hours away and had a 7 a.m. start time. With an extra hour of sleep coming our way, we decided to drive up the morning of the race.  This meant we would need to be up around 3:30 a.m. and leave by 4:15 a.m. This all would have been fine had our alarm clock not been the devil.

Since the clock is supposed to reset itself for daylight savings, we set it for 3 a.m. to give us a little snooze time. When the clock went off at 3 a.m., I stayed in bed for a few minutes before checking my phone and seeing that the clock did not reset itself and it was in fact, 2 a.m. Enter major curse words.

Alarm fail.

I could have went back to sleep except for the fact that the pre-race jitters had already set in and there would be no more sleep for me.

I was ticked, tired and cranky.

We eventually left the house in one piece and arrived at Bass Pro for the start around 6 a.m. where we met up with a friend who was running with us.

Ready to Run!

There were 3,000 runners taking part in the race, but that also included a 5K that started later than the half and full marathons. Total, there were 750 runners who finished the half marathon.

Once the race started, we stuck together long enough for this photo:

And then Allen and my friend were on their way to battle it out for who would beat the other.

Allen takes off!

Since there were no corrals or pacers or any type of real organization as to where to line up for the race, I spent the first two miles passing and being passed (mostly the later). About mile two, a girl ran up by me and wanted to chat, which was cool. I like to make friends. It was her first race and she had gone out too fast and was struggling a bit to find a happy pace. We had a great mile-long chat but then she stopped to walk. My goal was to only walk through aid stations so I kept going.

For the first several miles, we passed through residential areas. My friend’s dad was nice enough to serve as our official race photographer.

I stopped at mile 4 for water and they had sports jelly beans so I took some. I got a burst of energy thanks in part to the jelly beans, in part to some awesome 90s pop music on my shuffle and in part to passing by a café that smelled like bacon and almost calling it quits in favor of breakfast.

We passed through downtown for a nice change of scenery and headed towards the local college.

Randomly, there were about four aid stations between miles 4 and 6. Then, we headed back to residential areas and the aid stations got pretty sketchy. There would be one at a mile and then none for two or three miles. The consistency of them was a little frustrating since I like to depend on aid stations to break up the race.

I felt great through mile 8, where I had a couple more jelly beans, but then I started to wear down a bit. There was a fierce headwind and the second half of the race was primarily a slow uphill grade, followed by very short downhills. Going through the residential areas was tough because we were turning pretty much every block.

Miles 10 through 13 pretty much stunk. I kept stopping to “strech” or “fix my hairband” so that I could pretend I wasn’t really just stopping because I felt like I was going to fall over. My feet also went numb, which I’ve never experienced before in a race. Weird and irritating. I got through the last mile and a half chanting “just 15 more minutes and this will all be over.”

My husband and friend rocked the race, coming in within a minute of each at around 1:55.

I finished in 2:26:54. I’m ok with this time. I didn’t feel like it was my day or my race but I had a good time. Also, my splits were an 11:02 mile the first half and an 11:13 mile the second half, so at least I didn’t slow down as much as I thought I had.  Certainly not as impressive as this though.

After the race was pretty terrible. The jelly beans turned out not to be my friends. If I do this race again I will definitely bring my own gu or go without. My stomach doesn’t care for change. Also, a 2 a.m. wake up caught up with me pretty quick but thanks to the extra hour in the day, I was asleep by 8 p.m. last night.

I’m feeling a little sore today but nothing too bad.

Next up is the White River Half Marathon on Nov. 19 and the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon on Dec. 4.

Happy running!

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One down. Two to go!


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Race Weekend!

I’ve been spending the week finishing off J-Roll’s Halloween candy. Good thing I have many races coming up to burn off some the reesesbutterfingersnickertwizzlerm&m calorie goodness.

But where is my candy?

I’ve been trying to take it a little easier this week in preparation for the half marathon this weekend (aka good excuse to be lazy). I did a couple of miles on the treadmill on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and am thinking about a final short run tomorrow.

Team Hoyt

I’m sure most of the world has been clued into the awesomeness that is Team Hoyt for a long time , but I first heard of them just a few months ago. My sister reposted the link on FB earlier this week and so I watched it again, and of course, cried hysterically. Again.

It’s such a powerful and inspirational story.

If you haven’t watched it, go immediately!

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