Walkers Beware

Today marked my first official day of marathon training and I logged a whopping zero miles for the day.
I’m off to an awesome start.

Although the Type A person in me hates to see the 0 next to the planned 2-3 miles, I’m not stressing too much. My plan is a six-monther and I don’t hit any new mileage markers until November.

What is coming up quickly is my first half-marathon since March. It will be my third time to run the White River race in November. The first year I was pregnant. Last year, included in the 99.9% of racers who beat me was a walker. . . a walker wearing jeans.  Jeans!
And now you know where the blog name came from.
I might make my own t-shirts. Instead of the “I run longer than the winner” one, I’ll have one that says “I run longer than the walker wearing jeans.”

I hope she is back this year. That jean wearer is going down.


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    My main goal in a race is to stay ahead of the walkers. In my first race, I was passed by a man pushing a baby buggy….I still can’t believe he was so fast. Good luck in staying ahead of the walker in jeans.

  2. 3

    […] it’s a better chance for a new personal best.  Besides, I have vowed revenge against the walker in jeans and I need to pace myself so that I can claim […]

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