Pink shoes make me faster

I’m pretty sure a sign of being a serious runner is not caring what your shoes look like.

Good thing I’m not a serious runner. That’s why ASICS made pink shoes.

My last pair of ASICS were very good to me. They were the first pair of running shoes that I was actually fitted for and what a difference it made! They carried me through two half-marathons and a spring and summer worth of training; logging more miles than shoes were meant to and holding up fabulously along the way.

They were also ugly (sorry shoes, you know it’s true).

So when it came time for new shoes, I was thrilled to learn that the same style I loved came in pink. It was totally worth the three-week wait to order the pink shoe when my local running store didn’t have them in stock.

Now my shoes are a whole new kind of ugly. A glorious traffic-stopping kind of ugly.

These are also the shoes that will get me through my races, much of my marathon training and possibly the actual marathon itself (I haven’t done the mileage math).

And what races are those?

Up on the race docket is the Bass Pro half and White River half in November, Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll half in December and then for the grand finale, the Little Rock full in March.

Can’t wait to show my pink shoes all the wonderful sites along the way!



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