Help from The Help

This morning I ran a little over 3 miles before work and yesterday I ran 2 miles during lunch. It was the first time the weather has been cool enough for a lunch time run. There is not much that I like about winter, but being able to run 3 or 4 miles during my lunch break and getting a little extra sleep in the mornings is one perk.

Sunday was my long run for the week and I ran about 7 miles in the morning.

This week, I’m finding a little extra running motivation in the way of a good book.

When I run alone, which is 99 percent of the time, I keep myself occupied by listening to one of two things.

1 Gangster rap (I like to rap along in fact)
2 Books on tape… Errr… iPod

Gangster rap and romance novels…..pretty much the same thing right?

I’ve found that for me, listening to a book is the best way to pass the time. Since most of my runs, even the long ones, take place along the same 1.5 mile route, there’s not much to look at. I can probably tell you where all the cracks in the pavement are and I instinctively swerve around the many potholes. Books keep me sane.

Plus with a full time job, family, running and a very small social life, combining reading and running is about the only way I get to check out the best seller list.

I spend a lot of time researching books before I download since they are pricier than the print version I don’t want to spend 25 hours listening to a voice a can’t stand read me a boring book.

This week, I am on part three of The Help and it was well worth the investment! A few times along the way I’ve been so engrossed in the book, I’ve added on a few extra miles just to find out what happens.

One of my favorite parts… the names of the characters. Mae Mobley, Aibileen, Skeeter, Hilly Holbrook. The names are as rich as the story itself.

As excited as I am to be finishing the book (hopefully in time to see the movie while it’s still in the theater) I will be a little sad when it’s over. I need a new book to pass the miles by. Any suggestions?


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