Why run?

As the mornings are growing darker and colder, I find myself needing a little extra push to get out of bed (and by push I mean a bullhorn and a crane). So I thought now would be a good time to remind myself of the excellent reasons I have for running.

1. This guy.

I want my child to be healthy and I want to be healthy for my child. I’m happy that J-roll already knows that “Mama runs.” I want to set a good example for him so that maybe one day, he’ll chose to be active and healthy. And, I want to be able to keep up with him, whether it’s kicking around a soccer ball in the yard or training alongside him for a marathon.

2. All the cool kids are doing it.

My sister was the first person I knew to run a marathon. Back then, I was in college and physical fitness was not my top priority. I had more important things, like beer and pizza, to think of. I told her she was crazy. Then, my husband joined her and started running and I began going to races to cheer them along. Somehow I joined in along the way. Running is a way for us all to bond. We travel to races and when we can, do our long runs together. The fact that I share running with my favorite people in the world makes it exponentially more fun.

3. So I can eat this.

I’m not into the self-deprivation thing. I’m a believer in eating healthy and fueling your body but I have to indulge every now and then. Running makes it all seem to even out a little more.

  1. So that I don’t look like this.

Not even the cutest baby in the world can hide all that pudge.

I’m sure I’ll write more later about running to stay fit, but this was me exactly a year ago. I would like to say it was still “baby weight” but I think once your child is walking and talking, you can no longer consider it that. Sadley, I gained a few more pounds after this picture was taken.

And now a year later and 30 pounds lighter.

  1. For that runners high.

I like to run.... my shirt says so.

There is really no better way to start the day then by running. I love that on Saturday at 9 a.m. I can say I’ve already run 10 miles and cooked my family breakfast. For someone with zero athletic ability and coordination, running makes me feel strong. I love the runner’s high and the balance it brings to my crazy life.


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