Weekends are the best

Weekends really are the best and this one was a winner.

I actually wore the Garmin during my long run on Saturday. It’s a hand-me-down from my sister and weighs about 10 pounds but it served its purpose. According to it I ran 8.15 miles in 1:29, which equals about an 11 minute pace. I’m pretty happy with this for the time being. If I can hang onto an 11 minute pace or under for an entire half-marathon, I will be doing a happy dance at the finish line – assuming I can still walk, which is actually highly unlikely. With warm-up and walking I covered about 9 miles total.

We had big plans for doing some out of town shopping for the rest of the day, but the weather was just too pretty to spend all day in a car and mall. So after enjoying many cups of coffee in the backyard, we decided to tackle some projects around the house.

I got an upper body workout via the electric hedge trimmer, which is good since I don’t cross train.

After nap we headed to the park to enjoy the second day of fall.

Becoming so brave on the big slides!


On Sunday, the weather was a little gloomier so after the hubs got in his 10 mile run, we headed for shopping. After a few hours of shopping with a two year old and vowing never to do it ever, ever, again, we all felt like we deserved frozen yogurt.

I’m pretty sure I put the equivalent of two candy bars on top of my mine.

J-roll was a fan.

I love weekends that are a nice mix of work and play.

Question: When you use a Garmin, do you pause it during water and/or walk breaks?



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  1. 1

    my Garmin is a hand me down too, but i couldn’t imagine a run without it now. i just finished my first half in germany where i’m stationed. where are you running yours?

  2. 2

    Congratulations on your race! I’m planning on the white river half in northern Arkansas and the Las Vegas Half in December. I’m going to try for my first full in March in Little Rock. It’s addicting!

  3. 3

    How awesome that your first half was in Germany. That must have been an amazing experience!

  4. 4

    Trista said,

    it was great…although the weather was right for once and it rained up until the start! i’m doing my first full in Paris in April…I’m taking full advantage of being overseas. Keep me posted on your training! …if you get bored, you can follow mine too 🙂

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