Tough Mother Runner Renovator

Yes, that is my wrist under there somewhere. Be jealous of my 10-pound Garmin.

I had a great run on Saturday morning. My Garmin time was about 10:30 a mile but I also forgot to pause it when I ran into a Casey’s for more water. However, I did hit pause during a few uphill walks. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the race officials will frown upon pausing my time when I get I get winded. I’m excited for my first race of the season coming up the first weekend of November to see if my time has improved since March.

The rest of the weekend was spent on housework. Background here: I really should have named this blog “Tough Mother Runner Renovator” because home renovations are a big part of my life. A little over a year ago, we purchased a fixer-upper and have been slowly whittling away at shag carpeting, panel walls, pink toilets and 2,000 square feet of floral wallpaper.

This is not our first home renovation. When we were first married, we renovated a home and during that time we learned many valuable lessons, the most important of which was, when dealing with an outdated kitchen always, always, always rip it out and start over. Whatever you do, do not paint cabinets.

So of course when faced with this:

Note: this is after some major demolition

We decided to paint the cabinets. This, of course, didn’t really end up happening. Thus leading to my kitchen still looking like this a year later.

No cabinet doors = a toddler's dream

I’m pretty sure my husband burned the cabinet doors last winter.

So after much discussion, we decided to bite the bullet and buy new cabinets.

When we go to Home Depot, we go to Home Depot

We’ve only just started installing the new cabinets but it’s already making a world of difference in our house. Of course we are kicking ourselves for not
doing it a year ago when we redid the tile and countertops.

However, I’m pretty sure we have learned our lesson this time. Probably.


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    […] I finally unearthed my countertops from the depths of kitchen renovation destruction. We’ve got most of the heavy lifting done so I returned my kitchen to a usable state. […]

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