Today, I bit the big bullet and am now officially registered for my very first full marathon!

My plan was to register for the race in early December. I wanted to see how my first couple of halves for the year went before I made the commitment and forked over the money. Then yesterday, the Little Rock Marathon posted this on Facebook:

I think this running thing is catching on. With the LRM planning to have a booth at the Chicago Marathon this weekend, I didn’t want to chance that it would sell out even earlier.

So, why the Little Rock Marathon?

It’s kind of like home:

My husband and I both graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, about 25 miles from Little Rock.

Since UCA is in a dry county, we spent a lot of time in Little Rock, you know, at the museums and stuff. I always thought Little Rock was a great little big city.

It’s less expensive:
The hubs’ mom lives in a town just outside Little Rock so we will stay with her. Plus, it’s only a few hours away so we can also save on gas and/or airfare and we won’t have to take time off work (although a recovery day may be in order).

Family support:
We get to combine the race with a trip to see my husband’s family and J-roll will be able to go with us and see his “nana.” Also, since it’s not too far away and this is my first full, I expect my entire family, including third cousins and maybe even my first grade teacher, to be there . . . wearing matching shirts.

See? I support others, now it’s their turn. I’ll lone them my sweatshirt.

It’s a great race

Last year, I ran the half while my husband ran the full. There are enough participants to have that big-race feel and crowd support but not so many that you feel like you’re running over people (or in my case, that people are running over me). The crowds are the best I’ve seen. The race is on Sunday morning and so lots of the churches make an event out of it and come outside and cheer on the racers. There’s even a “Methodist Mile.” I love southern hospitality!

The giant medal!

I’ll admit the number 1 reason I’m running this race is the giant medal. It’s the race’s big claim to fame.

This year’s medal hasn’t been released yet. But, with this being the logo this year’s logo:

How can it not be a giant disco ball?

I want it. I want it. I want it.

And, by George, I’ll run 26.2 miles to get it.


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    mashme said,

    You can do it! Stopping by from Hopalong Friday bloghop!

    The Twerp and I

  2. 3

    […] I’m super, crazy excited that she has agreed to drag me across the finish line run with me at Little Rock. […]

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