Not the best run

Between operation kitchen destruction and a crazy couple of weeks at work, running has been a little challenging lately. Last weekend, I headed out on Sunday morning with a bad attitude and a plan to just get through 6 miles.

After the first mile, I was ready to quit. I felt awful, I was tired, and I had a major case of mommy guilt being away from home (which, by the way, is ridiculous since my family was sound asleep while I was running). My Garmin was stuck solidly in the 11 to 12 minute mile range.

I stopped back by my car after a mile and resisted the urge to drive back home and go to bed. Instead I ditched the Garmin and the handheld water bottle and decided to just run my normal track route. After “freeing” myself from the Garmin clock I felt a little better but I still called it quits after about four miles. Some days just aren’t your day.

I am so excited for this coming weekend though. I’m taking a vacation day on Monday and have plans to do a 14 or 15 mile test run. I wrote it on the Internet, so now I have to do it… This will also make up for the 15 miler that I was supposed to do the weekend I am running the Vegas half.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and put on my running clothes with good intentions of getting in 4-5 miles before work. But it was still dark and I’m just not a fan of running in the dark and so, still outfitted in my gear, I went back to bed.

Instead at lunch I decided to try out a new gym in town that I had a free pass to.

It was nice. I still sweated a ridiculous amount; way more than was appropriate for me to return to work afterwards, but luckily I had no meetings so I could hide out in my office for most of the rest of the day and spare the rest of the company from my stinkiness.

The dreadmill is one of my worst enemies

But, they are nice for speed work. I did a little over three miles mostly hanging between a 10 and 10:30 but I did some intervals of 9s and 9:30s and even kicked it up to 8:30 a couple of times. Holy cow! How do people run a whole marathon at less than 8-minute miles? That was sprinting for me and I’m pretty sure the gym people were concerned I was going to fly off the back and crash through their pretty new gym walls.


Happy running!



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    […] the two and a half hour trip home, I started to stress about the commitment I had made to myself  to run 14 or 15 miles on Monday morning. I tend to freak out a little bit when things don’t go […]

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