Fall Fun

We had an action-packed weekend, full of theme parks, festivals, choo choos, and even a little bit of running.

Friday, I finally unearthed my countertops from the depths of kitchen renovation destruction. We’ve got most of the heavy lifting done so I returned my kitchen to a usable state. Unfortunately, this means no good excuse for eating out any more.

sort of after - awesome iPhone picture

It’s not perfect and we still have work to do, but it looks better than this


Or this

Really Before

Saturday we visited a local fall/Halloween festival and we saw a sign for “Goat Carts.” I was ever so thrilled when J-Roll insisted on taking a ride.

Goat Cart = Go Kart??

J-Roll says that is not a good look...

Finally, we rounded out our weekend with a trip to Silver Dollar City. Now, if you are familiar with this wholesome family fun theme park or the Ozarks in general, you know we specialize in hills.

Source: silverdollarcity.com

Spending five hours walking around a mountain theme park, followed by consuming my very own bag of peanut brittle and a few pounds of salt water taffy was an excellent way to carb load and prep for what I planned to be my longest run to date.
Oh, and we got home around 10 p.m., which is pretty much the same as 2 a.m. to this 90-year-old.  All in all, the day was well worth it. J-Roll had a great time on the train.  He was slightly terrified of a frog ride that we had to bail on during loading. But I was proud of him for finally riding the horses.

On the two and a half hour trip home, I started to stress about the commitment I had made to myself  to run 14 or 15 miles on Monday morning. I tend to freak out a little bit when things don’t go exactly according to my well-laid plans. All I could think about was the late night, the running clothes that were still in the washer, my iPod that wasn’t charged, the route I hadn’t planned etc. etc.

So, I finally got a grip on it and told myself to relax!

Zoolander reference anyone?

I took Monday as a vacation day and I deserved to do with the day what I wanted. That being said, despite getting a bit of a late start on Monday morning, I felt better than expected and managed to get in somewhere in the 10 to 11 mile range. Enough to warrant more peanut brittle and a DQ Blizzard.

All in all, I felt pretty good about it and still enjoyed a delightful day with my family. Now, off to watch the World Series.


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