Running with the family

My sister and her two little girls came to visit this weekend. Among the fun activities we had on the agenda was a long run on Sunday morning.

This meant sleeping in on Saturday. A rarity in my house! After lying around until the ridiculously late hour of 8:30 a.m. (amazing!) we got started in on the family fun with a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Trains and horses all in one place, J-Roll was in dreamland. If only we could have found a place to fit in Mickey Mouse somehow.

J-Roll losing his mind at the Pumpkin Patch

J-Roll demonstrating how pumpkins can be used for weight training

We ended the night out with delicious food. My sister and I planned to run eight miles on Sunday morning, but we bargained another two miles for ourselves in exchange for extra dessert. It was a solid decision.

On Sunday morning, we headed out bright and early. My sister is a veteran runner extraordinaire. With a super busy career, two little ones and a lot of travel, she still manages to bust out the regular marathon.  She and my husband are the ones who forced encouraged me to start running.

However, she’s just starting to ramp up her mileage again so we took it pretty slow for her, which is pretty much my normal pace.

We may have been slow but we were steady around 11:30-12 minute miles throughout with very minimal walking. I think it was really good for me to run at a steady pace for once. I’m starting to get used to the Garmin and really enjoy knowing more about my distance, but I also look down and see my speed going all over the place between 9:30 and 11:30 miles when I’m running. Ooops.

My sister, however, would probably make a great race pacer.

I’m super, crazy excited that she has agreed to drag me across the finish line run with me at Little Rock.

It will be good for someone to be there to let the paramedics know about my allergies and medical history.

Less than two weeks until race time starts!


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