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Run on!

I’ve been quiet the past week and half or so. I think it’s because I was in denial over running ANOTHER race this coming weekend! Props to all those who run back to back marathons because this stuff is not for me.

I’ve ran maybe (big maybe) 20 total miles since our last race. I justified it by declaring the first week recovery and the second week taper.

Last Saturday I did manage five miles in about 50 minutes, no Garmin pausing, so that made me happy.

But now, it’s time for another race again in the morning.

I feel totally unprepared for tomorrow. I have no set outfit, no playlist, no game plan, no goals.

No stress though; I’m just looking forward to spending fun time with my friends and family and burning enough calories for many extra servings of stuffing and chocolate pie at next week’s Thanksgiving festivities.



Happy running!


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